Free Letter Before Action Generator – Debt

Fill in the form below to generate a free letter before action for a debt your company is owed. You will receive the draft letter by email and you can then edit it and send it to the debtor.

This is the final letter you would typically send before starting legal action. See the process to follow here.

Note: This letter only works if the party owing debt is a company – if it’s an individual it’s more complex due to legislation that protects individual people from bankruptcy – reach out to us for help.

Enter the date you will send this letter

This is the date you sent the first letter (the letter you can generate above)

This is the date of the second letter (the letter you can generate above)

If you've sent an invoice, the answer here is invoice. If it's just something they owe under a contract and you haven't invoiced, select agreement.

E.g. if your payment terms are 1 month of the date on the invoice, this is one month after the date of the invoice.

Enter the amount owed, include the £ sign

Select what interest is payable on late invoices - if the contract is silent leave it as the default, if it's written in the contract, say contractual.

Enter the rate of interest that applies to the late payment. If the contract is silent on this, leave it at 8%, which is the default rate of interest on late payments under statute.

Enter the total amount owed (minus legal costs) - this is the amount owed under the original agreement, plus the accrued interest. Include the £ sign.

Enter the email address you want us to send your contract to. This may take a couple of minutes to arrive.

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